Anne Atsusa Light Novel Writer

Birthdate: November 25 in Merseburg, Germany
Interests Metal, manga, cooking and eating, wellness, hiking
Favorite book: «The Neverending Story» by Michael Ende
What makes me happy: Sleeping, cats, pizza, strawberries, salted caramel macchiato, the scent of freshly printed books
How to make me angry: Leave hair in the sink, use my toilet at work Ò_Ó

Nice to meet you!
I'm Anne Atsusa and I write comedy novels.

You're probably expecting me to go on and on about everything I've written in the last few years and what has brought me to this point as an author. But the truth is: right now I'm gathering up all my courage to write these lines to you.

Maybe we've already met at a manga fair. We might have talked casually while I signed one of my books for you, or you might have listened to one of my workshops. Maybe you've seen some of my tweets or videos and got the impression that I'm a funny, bright and open-minded person.

However, I was not always like you got to know me. There were times when I didn't even manage to wash the dishes and take a shower at least once a week, let alone leave the flat for more than grocery shopping. For years I was afraid to live my life and make mistakes, until I was just vegetating in a bubble. All the time I felt as if I were balancing on a tightrope over an abyss from which the darkness was stretching its claws out at me. Not only once did I almost fall.

The only thing I could still cling to in the dark phases were my stories. Only thanks to them I am still here and can write you these words. My stories were a light to me in the dark hours and showed me that no matter how hard life may be, there are still plenty of reasons for a good laugh.

Now I am happy to share my stories with you, so that they may also be a light to you and make you smile. Join me on adventures full of friendship and team spirit, full of extraordinary and curious incidents. They sometimes strike a serious note between the lines, but you can be sure that things will always turn out well in the end.

That's what I wish for you too!

Anne Atsusa - Light Novels Made in Germany

Not just a writer ...

In addition to my work as an author and editor, I am a speaker on the topics of «Creative Writing» and «Procrastination». I also offer editorial proofreading of graphic novels and serial novels.
I would be happy to visit your event as an exhibitor or speaker, or to proofread your manuscripts. Just do it and write to me!

Short profile: 

«Anne Atsusa is one of the most popular and productive light novel writers in Germany. Since 2013, she has been working together with top mangaka and Webtoon Canvas Award winner YAA. Her genre-breaking comedy series ASS! of BIKE and Sweet! Sweat! Swoop! are considered insider tips in the German manga community. When she's not holding workshops at manga fairs or dashing around Hamburg on her bicycle, she's forging new curious adventures under the shower. Sometimes she can also be found at rock concerts with a good beer in her hand.»

Next event MEX Berlin (October 21 to 23 2022)

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